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Remembering Vayda Kiss

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to experience an interaction with Vayda Kiss, you’re a member of the fortunate ones. Today, we here at Peeled are celebrating the life of one great person for the fifth year.

Vayda was one of our greatest supporters and believed in the Peeled project more than anyone else initially, hence why she ended up becoming our star subject. We were allowed the privilege to interview her multiple times before her death and have continued the story by way of conversations with close friends and family. Five years later and we are still praising all of the wonderful contributions that Vayda Kiss made to the world around her, showgirls and everyone else involved.

What initially began as fictional narrative about a featured performer and a musician, morphed into a documentary once we met Vayda. After her passing, Vayda (who was already participating heavily in the project) became the focal point of Peeled and we have been able to interview those who were close to her in a better effort to understand the impact that she had on anyone she met.

Not only was Vayda known for her immense talent in the field, internationally ranked in the Pole Championship Series, she has a reputation for being the type of person who would light up any situation if given the chance and work hard no matter what. Through hours and hours of film time interviewing those closest to and directly influenced by Vayda Kiss herself, we have been working tirelessly to not only showcase the lifestyles of featured performers but also pay homage to her memory.

Mental health, while becoming more readily accessible topic, is still not talked about as often as it should be. Not only is Peeled here to tell a story (well, multiple stories) but to offer a link for those within the community to find more information on mental health resources available to them. The Vayda Kiss Foundation is a page where members of the Feature Dancer/Pole Dancer community can come together and find specific resources regarding mental wellness and stability. If we can provide at least one person with more insight into this community, new or not, then our job here at Peeled was done right.

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