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What Happened!!

We at Peeled are asking the same question that I'm sure a lot of other people are asking: "What happened to the last 2 years?!!" As one could guess, the Featured Entertainer industry had a lot of adapting and adjusting to do. Competitions were canceled. The ED Expo was postponed from 2020 to 2021. Performers could not perform!

Similarly, with the amount of work to be completed, we had to ask ourselves; "What did we accomplish?" The immediate answer seemed to be "Not much!" However, as we reflect upon the recent past, we have accomplished a great deal, and have made the necessary steps to move forward.

So, to do a quick recap, here is some of what we accomplished:

- We represented our project at the Exotic Dancer Expo! February of 2021. Miami. We were there! We got to talk to a lot of people in the industry who didn't know we existed. And, we learned a lot about trades shows. Some things we did were effective and some things were not. We also learned that electric is not included with a booth. $500.00 for an extension cord!

- We uploaded all our interview audio files to 50+ hours of interviews! Otter has done it's thing on the files, but sadly, it is only 60% accurate. We have edited about 1/4 of the files. But, a lot of editing still has to happen.

- The Stripper Olympics! The only big competition that we could get to was The Stripper Olympics in Broussard Louisiana. Since the beginnings of Peeled, our great friend and super supporter, Jeremey Sweigart, has always invited us to The Stripper Olympics. This was the 10th anniversary held at Michel's Mens Club and our 3rd trip down to cover the event. Jeremey MC'ed the event, with co- MC (and the previous years champion) Bailey Fox. Such fun! Congratulations to 2021's champion Ms. Parker!

-New equipment! Our old video editing workspace was well out of date. The operating system and Creative Cloud could not be upgraded anymore. Even editing photos was painfully slow. So, after a lot of extra work, saving, and research, we have an editing system that will handle this project. A new iMac, RAID system, 4 14tb hard drives, extra hard drive enclosure, docking station and we are ready!

As we look ahead, we are in much better shape to move forward. Competitions for this year have been announced and we plan to get to as many as possible. Our interviews will be transcribed, so we can begin to craft our approach to the storytelling aspect of the project. And, we are planning on a big fundraiser in the Spring. Please stay tuned for more updates.

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