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Rough Cuts and Spotlights
Rough Cuts are short videos of content that probably won't be in the final cut of the film. They offer a peek behind the scenes of "Feature life" and the preparations leading up to competitions.
Spotlights are short features on a particular Featured Entertainer.

Spotlight on the incredible Shar Zayn. One of the most talented and dynamic Feature Entertainers in the industry. Shar Zayn is an amazing pole artist, who brings elements of the circus into her routines.

Film 02

Shelby Doll is a multi-career pole teacher, model, promoter and Feature Entertainer. She hosts the North American Show Girl Festival at her hunting camp in Canada every year.

Film 03

A performance by the dynamic Annie Lane is a sight to behold! Wether it's her Disco Girl, Pink Power Ranger, of her Rock Around the Clock routine, Annie is a powerhouse who brings the energy!

Jeremy's Expo Video

Those in the industry who are familiar with our project know Jeremy Sweigert. He is a DJ, an MC, and big supporter of Peeled.  This is a video that Jeremy made after his trip to the Exotic Dancer Expo in Miami. 

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